Are you Killing Your Air Conditioner?

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Is your neglect killing your air conditioning unit?

I may have talked about this in the past but it is so important I am going to post it again. After going on showings with clients over the last month or so I could not help but notice at so many homes that the air conditioner condensers, the unit that sits outside and recirculates the air, are clogged again with all the cotton wood debris and other dust and dirt that we get this time of year. All those units are working SO HARD to keep people cool but they are so neglected. Some were so clogged that I wondered how the air was getting cooled and circulated. You must clean the unit and get it free of debris so that it can breath again.  Making it work so hard is killing it before it's time! It's not too late to perform a little TLC and keep your unit healthy.

It is an easy process to clean it up, just spray the coil unit with water and the force of the spray will get it done. It is ok to spray the unit while it is running as it does not cause any harm to it. You can also use an air compressor to remove the junk, just avoid getting an expensive repair bill or worse yet, having the unit break down during this hottest time of the year. If you are unable to do this or just have no time to get to it, call a professional.

Here are more tips to get the maximum life and efficiency out of your air conditioner - whether you have a central air unit or wall unit. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Care

> Have a professional check your system periodically.

> Use a garden hose or air compressor to wash down your unit when ever you see build up and keep the condensing-unit pan free of bugs, leaves and dirt.

> Turn your air conditioner on early in the morning before the house heats up  and don't crank your thermostat as low as it can go when you turn on your air conditioner.

> Set the thermostat high as comfortably possible in summer.

> Keep an eye on the refrigerant level.

> Oil the blower motor and fan on both the condensing and the evaporation units annually.

> Do not let dogs pee on your unit!

> Check the tension on the condensing and evaporation unit blower fan belts each spring.

> Inspect the blower ducts and joints for leaks and insulation slippage annually.

> Clean or replace air filters in both window and central units on a regular schedule.

> Clean window units completely each year. Oil the blower motor and fan.

> Check the joint between the window frame and the unit to be sure it is properly caulked and weather-stripped annually.

> Keep the blower motor fan blade free of mold and mildew.

> Set your a/c fan speed on high except in when it’s humid.

> Use a whole-house attic fan.

> Don't put electronic equipment near the thermostat. It senses heat, which causes the a/c to run too long.


Getting on a professional maintenance program for your air conditioner and heating system can help save time, energy, prevent break downs and early failure. Keeping those maintenance records will also help a buyer feel more comfortable when it's time to sell.